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Looking for a publisher for your book?

Academic Publishing publishes books both paper and e-Pub versions of direct interest to academic researchers, faculty and student.

The topics we consider include but are not limited to:-

§          Knowledge Management

§          e-Learning

§          e-Government

§          Games Based Learning

§          Governance and Leadership

§          Information Warfare and Security

§          Intellectual Capital

§          Innovation and Entrepreneurship

§          Information Management and Leadership

§          Social Software

If you have written a book or intend to write one and would like to discuss the possibility of our publishing the book with Academic Publishing please complete the Book Proposal Form and e-mail it to


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The Academic Bookshop is a web based bookshop that sell books on areas of interest to academic  researchers, faculty and students. Both traditional print versions as well as ePUB format are available for the most popular titles.

Conference proceedings are also available along with a limited number of DVDs.




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Held on an annual basis across the world, Academic Conferences International manages a series of 14 conferences. Click on the button below to visit the website