Best Practices in Project Management Through a Grounded Theory Lens


  • Svetla Georgieva
  • George Allan


Grounded theory methodology, open coding, theoretical coding, conceptualization, project management


Grounded Theory is still regarded with skepticism as a research methodology by many academics so this paper has been specifically constructed using recent research to illustrate the rigour of the Grounded Theory Methodology. An investigation into 'best practice amongst European Project Managers used the Grounded Theory Methodology to analyse interview data. This paper reports on that practical application of the Grounded Theory Methodology and contributes to the growing literature on the use of Grounded Theory as a research methodology. The three individual data analysis methods of Open‑Coding, Constant Comparison, and Memorising are shown in operation and can be seen producing the findings. These findings are then operated on with the Grounded Theory method of Theoretical Coding and some deeply influential conclusions come out of this data analysis. The whole Grounded Theory methodology can be seen in operation and the concepts and categories can be seen emerging from the data. The contribution to the discipline of computing will be published elsewhere in technical journals but the research method is the main aim of this paper in this conference.



1 Sep 2008