Grounded Suggestions for Doing a Grounded Theory Business Research


  • Keith Ng
  • Stewart Hase


grounded theory, supervision, research


This paper provides suggestions of doing a grounded theory business research. The main intention is to provide guidelines and suggestions for novice researchers, students and their supervisors in conducting a grounded theory business research. The main discussion of this paper will focus on the principles driving a grounded theory research, the choice between the two versions of grounded theory, the research problem, the purpose of the study, the research questions, and the place of literature review in a grounded theory study. In addition, an example of how a grounded theory was induced from data is illustrated. Its purpose is to illustrate how the procedures of data analysis, theoretical memoing and theoretical sampling were used to progressively to generate a grounded theory. In conclusion, the specific skills required by the researchers attempting a grounded theory study are suggested.



1 Nov 2008