An Original Information Systems Research Method: The Discount Focus Subgroup Method


  • Mohanad Halaweh


Information systems, qualitative research, Discount Focus Subgroup (DFSG) method, focus group


The aim of this paper is to present a new original qualitative research method called the Discount Focus Subgroup (DFSG) method, which originated in and was developed from information systems research. This paper synthesizes previous work on DFSG method to provide a more coherent picture of the method's applications, procedures, and strengths. It discusses why the DFSG is an innovative method and how it is distinct from the existing traditional qualitative group‑based methods (e.g. focus group, brainstorming, and joint application development). The paper also provides a critical evaluation of the method by highlighting the limitations and dilemmas that a researcher might encounter when applying it and demonstrating how these pitfalls can be avoided or lessened. It finally offers directions for future research to further develop this method. This paper presents useful methodological guidelines to researchers who intend to use this method in their research projects.



1 Mar 2018