The Influence of Malaysian Telecenters on Community Building


  • Zulkefli Ibrahim
  • Sulaiman Ainin


Malaysia, Telecentres, community building, KedaiKom, capacity of getting ahead, social and digital inclusion


The main aim of this paper is to examine the impact of the establishment of telecentres, particularly KedaiKom on community building in Malaysia. KedaiKom is one of the projects undertaken by the Malaysian government to reduce the digital divide among the population. The impact of KedaiKom on community building was viewed from two perspectives: capacity of getting ahead and social and digital inclusion. The research was conducted using the survey method whereby questionnaires were distributed to six hundred KedaiKom users, however, only 326 returned the form. In general, the users agreed that KedaiKom has improved their ICT skills and knowledge as well as their social network. Many of them felt that KedaiKom has helped improve their community well being. In conclusion, the study showed that KedaiKom does impact community building, i.e., capacity of getting ahead and social and digital inclusion.



1 Jan 2009