Modeling and Illustrating Requirement Prioritization in Public E‑Service Development From a Value‑Based Perspective


  • Anders Avdic
  • Thomas Lambrinos


Keywords: public e-services, public e-service development, requirement prioritization, requirement domains, values, goals, illustration, requirement fulfilment


Abstract: A major problem in e‑service development is the prioritization of the requirements of different stakeholders. The main stakeholders are governments and their citizens,all of whom have different and sometimes conflicting requirements. In this paper, the prioritization problem is addressed by combining a value‑based approach with an illustration technique. This paper examines the following research question: How can multiple stakeholder requirements be illustrated from a value‑based perspective in order to be prioritizable? We used an e‑service development case taken from a Swedish municipality to elaborate on our approach. Our contributions are: 1) a model of the relevant domains for requirement prioritization for government, citizens, technology, finances and laws and regulations; and 2) a requirement fulfillment analysis tool (RFA) that consists of a requirement‑goal‑value matrix (RGV), and a calculation and illustration module (CIM). The model reduces cognitive load, helps developers to focus on value fulfillment in e‑service development and supports them in the formulation of requirements. It also offers an input to public policy makers, should they aim to target values in the design of e‑services.



1 Nov 2015