Applying Web‑Enabled Problem‑Based Learning and Self‑Regulated Learning to Enhance Computing Skills of Taiwan's Vocational Students: a Quasi‑Experimental Study of a Short‑Term Module


  • Pei-Di Shen Tsang-Hsiung Lee
  • Chia-Wen Tsai


web-based PBL, web-based srl, e-learning, vocational students, computing education, short-term module


Contrary to conventional expectations, the reality of computing education in Taiwan's vocational schools is not so practically oriented, and thus reveals much room for improvement. In this context, we conducted a quasi‑experiment to examine the effects of applying web‑based problem‑based learning (PBL), web‑based self‑ regulated learning (SRL), and their combination to enhance students' computing skills in a short‑term module of deploying Microsoft Word. Two classes of 106 first‑year students were divided into 2 (PBL vs. non‑PBL) × 2 (SRL vs. non‑SRL) experimental groups. Results were generally positive. This study thus provided a significant illustration of a promising design and implementation of chosen web‑based pedagogies for a short‑term module. With limitations in mind, we hope that the lesson learned is also useful for those teachers engaged in e‑learning, specifically, in vocational schools.



1 Jun 2007