Quality of e‑Learning: An Analysis Based on e‑Learners' Perception of e‑Learning


  • Rengasamy Elango
  • Vijaya Kumar Gudep
  • M. Selvam


Online courses, e-learning, quality assessment


e‑Learning, of late, has been witnessing an unprecedented expansion as an opportunity for higher education. This expanding alternative mode calls for ensuring and imparting a sound and qualitative education. The present study made an attempt to investigate the issues related to the quality dimensions of e‑learning. Our results revealed the presence of both strengths and weaknesses in the e‑learning system. It is interesting to note, that the e‑learners have expressed diverse opinions with regard to administrative issues, instruction materials, instructors' support, viper sessions (VIPER, Voice Internet Protocol Extended Reach is a software which helps interactive learning through the Internet) , grading and assessment. The findings of the study further demonstrate that if the concept of e‑learning is imparted with a better approach and perspective, the reach will be phenomenal. This study reiterates the relevance of imparting qualitative education through e‑learning.



1 Mar 2008