The Identification of Key Issues in the Development of Sustainable e‑Learning and Virtual Campus Initiatives


  • Mark Stansfield
  • Thomas Connolly
  • Antonio Cartelli
  • Athanassios Jimoyiannis
  • Hugo Magalhães
  • Katherine Maillet


virtual campuses, e-learning, best practices, sustainability


This paper explores a number of key issues that have been identified as being important in the identification and evaluation of best practice within the context of e‑learning and virtual campuses. The 'Promoting Best Practice in Virtual Campuses' (PBP‑VC) project is a two year European Commission Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) co‑financed project that is aimed at providing a deeper understanding of the key issues and success factors underlying the implementation and sustainability of virtual campuses. The PBP‑VC project team have been working with stakeholders from a number of large virtual campus projects across Europe in identifying and exploring key issues relating to best practice and sustainability. The importance of developing a practical framework for identifying, evaluating and promoting best practice in virtual campuses and e‑learning can be demonstrated by the significant number of high profile e‑learning and virtual campus failures both within Europe and globally. In many cases their failure has been quite spectacular with millions of dollars being wasted as a result some quite basic errors in overlooking key best practice issues that have occurred across several large‑scale projects. This paper will provide a description of the different issues relating to models for best practice and sustainability that has been developed by the PBP‑VC project.



1 Jun 2009