A Platform Independent Game Technology Model for Model Driven Serious Games Development


  • Stephen Tang
  • Martin Hanneghan
  • Christopher Carter


game technology model, platform independent game technology model, serious games engineering, model driven engineering, games based learning, model driven serious games development


Game‑based learning (GBL) combines pedagogy and interactive entertainment to create a virtual learning environment in an effort to motivate and regain the interest of a new generation of ‘digital native’ learners. However, this approach is impeded by the limited availability of suitable ‘serious’ games and high‑level design tools to enable domain experts to develop or customise serious games. Model Driven Engineering (MDE) goes some way to provide the techniques required to generate a wide variety of interoperable serious games software solutions whilst encapsulating and shielding the technicality of the full software development process. In this paper, we present our Game Technology Model (GTM) which models serious game software in a manner independent of any hardware or operating platform specifications for use in our Model Driven Serious Game Development Framework.



1 Feb 2013