The Evolution of e‑Learning in the Context of 3D Virtual Worlds


  • Theodore Kotsilieris
  • Nikoletta Dimopoulou


e-learning, virtual worlds, LMS, sloodle


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) offer new approaches towards knowledge acquisition and collaboration through distance learning processes. Web‑based Learning Management Systems (LMS) have transformed the way that education is conducted nowadays. At the same time, the adoption of Virtual Worlds in the educational process is of great importance, not only for the researchers in the field of Web‑based Education, but also for the educational community that is interested in applying ICT in education. The main motivation for studying the potential of Virtual Worlds applications in education stems from the capabilities they offer to create a cyberspace where users can interact with other participants (through their avatars) or objects, creating new experiences that are not often feasible in the real world. Within this context, the fundamentals of learning theories have to be analyzed, in order to study their impact on e‑learning and Virtual Learning Environments design. The currently available Virtual‑World platforms are being presented and qualitatively assessed. Subsequently we focus on Sloodle, which bridges the characteristics of the Moodle LMS with the Open Simulator 3D virtual world functionality.



1 Jun 2013