A Use Case of the Application of Advanced Gaming and Immersion Technologies for Professional Training: The GAMEPHARM Training Environment for Physiotherapists


  • Dimitra Pappa
  • Homer Papadopoulos




Immersive technologies are gaining momentum in professional training. Advanced AR/VR and gaming technologies allow for authentic learning experiences that are close to real‑life conditions, problems, and applications, something that can revolutionise fields like medical training, which traditionally relied on textbook‑based theoretical education and clinical placements. The present paper discusses the application of advanced gaming and immersion technologies for the continuous training of physiotherapists. Presently, this professional group remains largely underserved by online training services. The paper argues that the inherent complexity of physical therapy training could be served effectively by immersive learning innovations and professionals could benefit greatly. The paper applies the Design Science Research Methodology (DSRM) to design a suitable training solution for the promotion of authentic, comprehensive learning. Our analysis targets and consolidates the findings from three distinct pillars: (a) the requirements of the application area in question; (b) the current state‑of‑the‑art and emerging directions in game‑based professional education and training; and (c) existing applications of game‑based learning in the field of healthcare. Subsequently, the paper consolidates the findings to produce the system requirements and presents the design of a prototype training environment for physiotherapists that builds on advanced gaming technologies. Within the proposed system design, augmented reality modules are embedded alongside the game simulation and virtual world environment to provide participants with an authentic simulated game scenario in which to immerse themselves.



1 Jun 2019