Systematic Review Of A Nationwide MOOC Initiative In Malaysian Higher Education System


  • Nour Awni Albelbisi
  • Farrah Dina Yusop



Higher education; Malaysia; MOOC; Massive Open Online Courses


The purpose of this study is to analyze and synthesize the recent research related to nationwide MOOC initiativesin Malaysian higher education that have been published from 2014 to 2018 in order to gain an overview of the growth ofMOOC in Malaysia and to identify the issues facing implementation of nationwide MOOC initiatives in the Malaysian highereducation context. This study utilized a descriptive systematic literature review (SLR) approach using systematic contentanalysis techniques to compile and analyze publications related to nationwide MOOC initiatives in the Malaysian highereducation system. The 25 MOOC studies reviewed are categorized into three sections: Malaysia MOOC, followed by asummary of researches relevant to Malaysia MOOC and finally, issues of the nationwide MOOC implementation in Malaysia.Several recommendations are provided to expand MOOC’s nationwide initiative in Malaysian higher education systems. Thesignificance of the paper is twofold: (a) to inform researchers, designers, and teachers, about the state of the art ofnationwide MOOC initiative in Malaysia; (b) to provide suggestions for adapting the nationwide MOOC initiative in Malaysianhigher education system and other countries sharing similar interests in institutionalizing their MOOC.



1 Aug 2020