An Electronic Collaborative Learning Environment for Standardized Tests


  • Sultan Alyahya
  • Asma Aldausari



The National Center for Measurement (Qiyas) was established for the purpose of conducting standardized tests in Saudi Arabia. The center has developed multiple Qiyas tests such as the General Aptitude Test (GAT) and the Scholastic Achievement Admission Test (SAAT).  Qiyas tests are used as a pre-requisite requirement for applying to universities and to certain kinds of jobs in Saudi Arabia. Currently, students use traditional methods to prepare for these tests, e.g., studying from books and searching for available learning resources on the internet. These web-based resources are mostly static and only have general guidelines about the tests and a history of available test samples. This research proposes a computer-based collaborative learning (CL) environment that helps support learners during their preparation for the Qiyas tests. A four-stage approach is used in this research: (1) an intensive review of 30 CL platforms is carried out to investigate the available features, (2) two workshops are conducted to evaluate the appropriateness of the features identified in Stage 1 as well as to investigate what other features would be appropriate for Qiyas tests, (3) a CL platform is developed for Qiyas tests for a total of 21 features, (4) and, lastly, the platform is evaluated using two methods, in-depth interviews with experts and an empirical study with instructors and learners. The results show that the platform helps support learners in the participative, cognitive, interactive, and social dimensions of the learning processes. The results also help instructors promote the teaching experience.



17 May 2021