Shaping Teachers' Perceptions of their role in the Digital age Through Participation in an Online PBL-based Course


  • Orit Avidov-Ungar
  • Dina Tsybulsky



Our research traced significant learning experiences of teachers enrolled in a Master's degree program in teacher education, in an attempt to understand how participation in an online course that employs the project-based learning (PBL) approach influenced their perceptions of the teachers' role in the digital age. Data was collected from 2014 to 2016 using: (a) a questionnaire gathering learners' personal and demographic details (n = 55) and (b) reflective reports on the learners' learning experiences in the course (n = 105). Content analysis of the data revealed that participants considered personal, pedagogic, and social aspects important in terms of the learning experience and this also informed their role perception as teachers in the digital age. Similarly, exposure to the PBL approach via an online framework directly influenced participants' learning experiences and role perception. The findings indicate that teachers should be given access to a learning experience combining online learning and teaching practice to allow them to form their role perception as digital-age teachers. Practical implications of the research relate to teachers' socialization in the digital age.



8 Jul 2021