Talismans of Digital Literacy: A Statistical Overview


  • Pritika Reddy Fiji National University,Suva, Fiji
  • Kaylash Chaudhary University of the South Pacific, Fiji
  • Bibhya Sharma University of the South Pacific, Fiji
  • Ronil Chand Fiji National University, Suva, Fiji




digital literacy, digital literacy framework, South Pacific, digital age, 21st century education


The individuals living in the 21st century have become the consumers of digital innovations and have to adapt, adopt and adapt to the new norm of surviving and thriving in the digital society. Familiarity with the latest technologies is not the only requirement for survival. One also needs to have relevant digital competencies to complete tasks with optimized outputs and efficiently deal with the chain of digital changes. The current study introduces the South Pacific digital literacy framework (SPDLF) driven by 6 essential literacies and sixty attributes. The study intends to provide a three-stage statistical validation for the South Pacific digital literacy framework. The three stages of validation include;(1) evaluating the strongest predictors of digital literacy from the six literacies in the SPDLF, (2) evaluating the significant predictors of each of the six literacies and (3) evaluating the significant attributes from a total of sixty attributes in the SPDLF. The results show that all attributes in the SPDLF are statistically significant, therefore, all attributes are significant contributors to digital literacy in the South Pacific digital literacy framework.



5 Dec 2022