Evaluating Factors Affecting User Satisfaction in University Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems


  • Daha Tijjani Abdurrahaman
  • Acheampong Owusu
  • Akeem Soladoye Bakare




LUCT, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Portals, DeLone and McLean (D&M) IS Success Model, Students’ Satisfaction, Intention to use


Higher learning institutions (HLIs) are implementing enterprise content management (ECM) systems as web portals that are helping them interact with and serve their students better. However, there is a paucity of research that has evaluated the factors that account for students using their university’s portals. As a case study and using the D&M IS Success Model as a guiding lens, this paper explored the factors that influence Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) Students to use the university’s portal through a survey. Data was collected from 134 students through Stratified Random Sampling technique that was analysed through Partial Least Square ‑ Structural Equation Modelling (PLS‑SEM). Results obtained show clearly that LUCT students are using the university’s portal as a result of the System Quality and Information Quality which gives them Satisfaction. However, the findings reveal no significant correlation between Service Quality and Satisfaction of the students as well as the System Quality and Behavioural Intention (BI) to use the Systems. This study has given more insights into LUCT Management, Administrators, and Faculties concerning how to handle their Students need. Other implications for both practice and theory were also discussed.



1 Feb 2020