Information Systems Values: A Study of the Intranet in Three French Higher Education Institutions


  • Philippe Cohard



Information system values, intangible value, evaluation, intranet, structural equation modelling, Partial Least Squares


Evaluation of performance of the Information System (IS) function has long been a concern of senior management in organisations. The IS function can impact competitive advantage which is why executives regularly look for evidence of returns on IT investments. The paper reports on a study which investigated how patrimonial value (inherent or actual quality of hardware, software and know‑how) and use value (contribution to the business) influence the success and organisational impact of an intranet. This paper proposes a set of principles for the conduct and implementation of analysis of these two intangible values of IS function. Research was conducted in three field studies of business and engineering schools in France. The data collected in questionnaires were analysed using the PLS structural equation method. This research provides theoretical contributions with a model giving a deeper comprehension of patrimonial value and use value of information systems, as well as explaining the relationships between these two values, success and organisational impact.



1 Feb 2020