Extending Tam to Information Visualization: A Framework for Evaluation


  • Sabrina Bresciani
  • Martin Eppler


Keywords: Information Visualization, Technology Acceptance Model, Diffusion of Innovations, evaluation, adoption


Abstract: Studies on the evaluation of information visualization techniques are flourishing, and related methodologies have been discussed in a growing number of recent studies. Yet, these evaluations concentrate mostly on usability measures and cognitive evaluations. In contrast, this contribution focuses on the various factors that drive the adoption of information visualization techniques. The Technology Acceptance Model and the Diffusion of Innovations theory are deployed to develop a framework for evaluating information visualization adoption. These seminal theories are extended and adapted to Information Visualization, resulting into a framework with three main dimensions: perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, and perceived authority. The application of this theoretically‑based evaluation framework is illustrated through positive and negative examples. As many visualization solutions have not achieved a wide use, the question of which factors foster their adoption seems to be a particularly relevant yet under‑researched topic.



1 Jul 2015