Evaluation of Awareness and Acceptability of Using e‑Government Services in Developing Countries: the Case of Jordan


  • Saheer Al-Jaghoub
  • Hussein Al-Yaseen
  • Mouath Al-Hourani


ICT, e-government, developing countries, Jordan, evaluation, mixed research


Similar to other developing countries, Jordan started a national e‑Government initiative aiming to streamline government procedures and make information and government services available to business and citizens online. This paper presents the results of a pilot study that aims to assess factors which could influence the awareness and use of e‑Government services in Jordan. It investigates issues such as: accessibility of e‑government, citizen's attitude toward various privacy and security, the required services and costs. The data was collected using quantitative and qualitative methods including a survey and interviews with e‑Government officials. The results of this preliminary study suggest that awareness of e‑government did not reach the required level. These findings are hoped to be useful for researchers, practitioners and policy makers.



1 Jan 2010