Special Issue on The University of the Future

1 Apr 2021

Our society will always be a work in progress. Universities, the bastion of knowledge production, were designed to serve the interests of their societies. There is no doubt that universities are essential to the efficient and effective operation of contemporary society. Universities are grappling with several competing agendas. The currency of our society requires the free flow of knowledge and training provided by universities. However, there is much criticism of how universities function today. The criticisms point to many issues including, admission, curricula, delivery, examinations to mention only a few. These shortcomings are often exaggerated by the fact that many universities have grown into large complex, multi-function, multi-process, multi-product organisations. Seldon(2020) argues that “universities are still fundamentally teaching the knowledge and skills that machines and algorithms are already being able to replicate.” Therefore, universities must rethink their knowledge agenda, how the university produces knowledge and how universities function in a rapidly changing society.

In this special issue of The Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, we are looking for innovative and novel thinking on how we can reimagine the academy. We are particularly interested in studies, analyses, surveys, and evaluations addressing some of the topics listed below.

Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  • Reimagining knowledge production at universities
  • Reimagining tuition
  • Strategic dimension of the university
  • Reimagining the Ecosystem within the university
  • Smart Universities
  • Reimagining Examinations
  • Turning Threats into Opportunities
  • Student Readiness
  • The Agile university (students and staff)
  • The relevance of the university in the Knowledge-Economy
  • Future-Proofing the University

In your submission, please indicate which topics from the list above are considered in the paper.

The submission deadline for all papers is September 15th 2021.

Please submit your paper here (https://academic-publishing.org/index.php/ejkm/about/submissions) or send enquiries to the Editors:

Prof. Shawren Singh
University of South Africa, SA

Prof. Dan Remenyi
Honorary Professor
University of KwaZulu-Natal, SA

Seldon, A., 2020. Foreword. In: D. Remenyi, K. A. Grant and S. Singh (Eds.), The university of the future; responding to Covid-19. Reading UK: ACIL.