ADIIEA: An Organizational Learning Model for Business Management and Innovation


  • John Lewis


Keywords: organizational learning, epistemology, theory of knowledge, process management, innovation, knowledge creation, questioning


Abstract: This paper introduces the Innate Lesson Cycle (ADIIEA) as a uniting and integrated framework for business process operations and organizational learning. Thus far, the Knowledge Management (KM) and Organizational Learning (OL) movements have tried to teach OL to organizations as an add‑on while assuming that current business models are sound. Instead, we find that current business models are based on industrial age factory process work, and fail to keep up with the learning and innovation demands of the knowledge economy. This paper suggests that these current business models be replaced, not complimented, with a learning‑based model. In the epistemological formulation of this learning model, ADIIEA is compared with the SECI model, and its underlying assumptions about tacit and explicit knowledge as appropriate foundational underpinnings are challenged. Instead of a noun approach to knowledge foundations (tacit and explicit knowledge), a verb approach (questioning, reflective, and reactive modes) to knowledge foundations is illustrated to be appropriately compared to required business process operations. Additionally, this approach is shown to be epistemologically aligned with the fundamental symbols of language, where we universally find the question mark, period, and exclamation point, respectfully. From this verb‑based foundation, several applications of ADIIEA are then illustrated to address current issues found in education, business processes, policy‑making, and knowledge systems.



1 Jun 2014