Effective Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning in the Context of Sustainable Development


  • Joy C.-Y. Muller


knowledge management & organisational learning, MDGs and SDGs, Pakistan, lady health workers, a bottom-up approach, sustainable development


The aim of this paper is to explore how Knowledge Management (KM) and learning can be instrumental for governments’ policy making and implementation, and to analyse how KM with the consideration of local culture and a bottom‑up approach can increase its effectiveness. The paper is composed of three main sections: first, a literature review to discuss knowledge and learning and ways it can be managed within an organisation; second, a case study on the KM strategy to achieve the Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 relating to child and maternal health in Pakistan with highlights on the role played by the Lady Health Workers in KM; third, key findings, such as institutional arrangements for and social dimensions of KM, the importance of knowledge creation with a bottom‑up approach, and people’s ability to transform tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge for it to be managed and to facilitate policy implementation is provided in the conclusion.



1 Mar 2018