Intellectual Capital and BI‑tools in Private Healthcare Value Creation


  • Milla Ratia


Private healthcare, business intelligence, intellectual capital, value creation, external data sources


The demand for data‑driven decision making in the healthcare sector has increased, not only on the clinical side, but also from the managerial perspective; this is especially true in the private healthcare sector.Utilisation of internal and external data requires certain capabilities, such as intellectual capital (IC), as different data sources (structural capital) and organisational competences (human capital) can become organisational value. We study the utilisation of business intelligence (BI) tools and IC dimensions in creating value in the Finnish private healthcare sector.IC components and a modified value creation capabilities model are used as a framework for considering data utilisation and BI tools’ role in value creation. Our study includes private healthcare organisations in Finland and management and BI technology consulting representatives. Thematic interviews of key personnel responsible for BI were conducted to elucidate the value creation capabilities, IC components and BI tool utilisation in the Finnish private healthcare industry. Data‑driven decision making is currently one of the most discussed topics in private healthcare sector organisations. By analysing the current data source utilisation and organisational competences in data utilisation, we gain a better understanding of IC and BI tool–enabled value creation in private healthcare organisations. The study’s outcomes will provide valuable information and a deep understanding concerning the influence of BI tools and IC dimensions on value creation in private health care in Finland. In addition, it will provide insight into future‑oriented value creation factors that can enable new business concepts for private healthcare companies. Advanced capability of data utilisation will increase the value creation ability in private healthcare sector companies. However, in addition to the technology and data, human capital or capability of BI tool utilisation and data‑driven decision making are crucial.



1 Sep 2018