Knowledge Management in Small and Medium Architecture, Engineering and Construction Firms in Turkey


  • Burcu Balaban-Ökten
  • Selin Gundes


Knowledge Management, Construction sector, Turkey, Firm size, SMEs.


This paper explores the extent to which small medium Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms (AEC) in the construction sector implement knowledge management (KM) approaches. Using data from semi‑structured interviews of twenty‑eight AEC firms operating in the construction sector, KM needs and challenges are analyzed and discussed. Breakdown of SME’s into micro, small and medium sub‑categories reveals that the management of, in particular, tacit knowledge becomes complicated as firms grow in size. Results show that microenterprises to a great degree do not experience problems in the effective management of knowledge due to the organizational context where owner managers retain total control of the business. The most significant problem areas in the small and medium categories, on the other hand, emerge during conversion of tacit knowledge into explicit, followed by the unorganized storing of digital folders by employees and in accommodating heavy e‑mail traffic. Thus, best practices aligned with the needs of firm size are recommended.



1 Sep 2018