A Know‑How and Knowing‑That Cartography for Improving knowledge Management in Medical Field


  • Sahar Ghrab
  • Ines Saad
  • Gilles Kassel
  • Faiez Gargouri


Healthcare knowledge management, knowledge identification, Know-How and Knowing-That cartography, knowledge visualization, Know-How, Knowing-That


As a tool of Knowledge Management, knowledge cartography is used, in this paper, to enhance knowledge identification, sharing, representation and visualization in a healthcare organization as well as to deliver healthcare services and improve communication between healthcare professionals.The Know‑How and Knowing‑That concepts are used, in this paper, instead of the knowledge concept. Know‑How is defined as the capacity to perform an action and Knowing‑That is defined as a belief state related to a description which can be factual or prescriptive. For the construction of Know‑How and Knowing‑That cartography, a knowledge cartography methodology is proposed. It is composed of three steps: (i) identifying the concepts to visualize, (ii) identifying the graphical elements and (iii) choosing the cartography technique. This cartography is experimented in the ASHMS (Association of Protection of Motor Disabled of Sfax) to facilitate Know‑How and Knowing‑That identification, characterization and visualization.



1 Sep 2018