The Effect of Organisational Climate on Employees’ Creative Performance through Knowledge Sharing Behaviour


  • See-Kwong Goh et al


Collaborative climate; Innovative climate; Knowledge donating; Knowledge collecting; MNCs; Creative performance


Malaysia has achieved significant industrial growth over the years due to the enterprising intervention of multinational companies (MNCs). The organisational climate in terms of its collaborative nature and innovative efforts has led to the enhancement of creativity among MNCs. The extent of knowledge sharing behaviour within MNCs, particularly in the Malaysian context, has not been thoroughly researched. A huge primary survey involving 20 MNCs with 155 respondents from both manufacturing and service sectors was included in this study. The findings of the study reveal that knowledge donating and knowledge collecting highly and positively influence creative performance. Interestingly, knowledge collecting mediates the relationship between an innovative climate and creative performance while a collaborative climate was found to highly and positively influence MNCs’ creative performance through knowledge donating. Thus, knowledge sharing behaviour is pivotal for the success of MNCs in terms of generating new ideas, promoting best practices, continuously improving and reducing the redundancy cost of learning to facilitate organisational effectiveness.



1 Jan 2020