The Effects of Organizational Absorptive Capacity, Professional Experience and Training over the Use of Sales Force Automation


  • Kaouther Jridi
  • Amel Chaabouni



SFA use, potential absorptive capacity, organizational absorptive capacity, realized absorptive capacity, training, North Africa, professional experience


This research brings out the impact of training and professional experience on organizational absorptive capacity and the use of Sales Force Automation (SFA). A quantitative study was conducted on a sample of 186 medical sales representatives who work in the pharmaceutical industry. The method of structural equations based on the PLS approach and linear regression have been deployed for data analysis. The results reveal a positive impact of the training over organizational absorptive capacity (potential absorptive capacity and realized absorptive capacity) and the use of SFA as well as a positive impact of professional experience on organizational absorptive capacity. Furthermore, the organizational absorptive capacity has a positive influence on the use of the SFA. This study contributes to the literature on SFA use by examining the role of training, professional experience, realized and potential absorptive capacities in the SFA use. This research is appropriate for managers of pharmaceutical companies who constantly seek to improve the use of SFA technologies. Thus, the staff of these companies is more likely to perform their duties in a way that promotes their realized and potential absorptive capacities and the best use of SFA through continuous training for inexperienced and experienced salespeople.



13 May 2021



General Paper