Software Project Managers' Knowledge Transfer: An In-Depth Interview




Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Transfer factor, Project Management, Project Manager, Software Project Manager, Thai Project Manager


There have been many studies in the past that have demonstrated knowledge transfer in a variety of settings. However, only a small proportion of research has focused on knowledge transfer for software project managers. This study explores knowledge transfer factors with the goal of gaining a better understanding of those factors for software project managers at all levels, including those who have prior expertise in the field and those who are new to the field. Qualitative data was acquired through in-depth interviews with 12 software project managers using semi-structured questions to investigate all factors involved. In accordance with the findings, nine potential factors have been identified as influencing knowledge transfer among software project managers. It is anticipated that the findings of this study will be advantageous to the corporate sector, public authorities, and entrepreneurs in the field of project management. The findings can be used as guidelines for software project managers’ practices and progress in knowledge transfer within project management to maximize profits in the business.



22 Jul 2022