A Review of Literature on Human Behaviour and Artificial Intelligence: Contributions Towards Knowledge Management


  • Elizabeth Real de Oliveira
  • Pedro Rodrigues




Human Behaviour, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Creation


The main purpose of this research paper is to understand how artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to human behaviour has been treated, both theoretically and empirically, over the last twenty years, regarding predictive analytics and human organizational behaviour analysis. To achieve this goal, the authors performed a systematic literature review, as proposed by Tranfield, Denyer and Smart (2003), on selected databases and followed the PRISMA framework (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses). The method is particularly suited for assessing emerging trends within multiple disciplines and therefore deemed the most suitable method for the purposes of this paper, which intends to survey and select papers according to their contribute towards theory building. By mapping what is known, this review will lay the groundwork, providing a timely insight into the current state of research on human organisational behaviour and its applications. A total of 17795 papers resulted from the application of the search equations. The papers’ abstracts were screened according to the inclusion / exclusion criterions which resulted in 199 papers for analysis. The authors have analysed the papers through VOSviewer software and R programming statistical computing software. This review showed that 60% of the research undertaken in the field has been done in the last three and a half years and there is no prominent author or academic journal, showing the emergence and the novelty of this research. The other key finds of the research relate to the evolution of the concept, from data-driven (hard) towards emotions-driven (soft) organisations.



1 Oct 2021