Job Crafting Antecedents and Consequences: Evidence from Jordanian Universities




Job crafting, Job satisfaction, Learning organization, Academic organization, Supporting learning environment, Leadership support, Jordan


Purpose - This article explores academic job crafting's significant conditions (antecedents and consequences). The impact of encouraging learning environments and the leadership that fortifies learning was studied. Knowledge management and job crafting are closely related in their ability to empower employees and enhance organizational effectiveness. Design/methodology/approach –217 academics serving in a Jordanian University, in Jordan, took part in this study. Statistical parameters endorsed the significant impact of two learning organization building blocks on job crafting. Findings - It was shown that supportive learning environments and leadership reinforces learning; and positively impacts job crafting, which consequently reflects upon job satisfaction levels among academics. The results imply that strategies conducive to learning provide the most rewarding approach to enhancing academic job crafting and job satisfaction.  Originality/value – To the authors’ knowledge, no prior study has examined job crafting and linked it to the study dimensions within the Arab context generally and particularly in the academic field. We propose this model as a system crafting theory and end our research with suggestions for further research on these issues.


Keywords: Job crafting, job satisfaction, learning organization, academic organization, supportive learning environment, leadership support, Jordan.

Author Biographies

Yahya Melhem , Business Administration Department, Faculty of Business. at Yarmouk University (YU), Irbid, Jordan

Yahya S. Melhem is a full Professor of Business Administration. He served as the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business at Yarmouk University 2018-2021. He has an academic experience since 2003 at Yarmouk University/Jordan and Prince Sultan University/KSA and practical experience in the private sector before joining the academic field.  Professor Melhem earned his Ph.D. in Management from Nottingham University/UK in 2003 and his MBA from the USA in 1987. He was awarded the Al-Shareja Award for the Best Ph.D. thesis in the Arab World in 2004. Professor Melhem has several publications (Books and Articles) focusing on organization, leadership, and empowerment. Email:

Tamara Al-Yakoub, Public Administration, Faculty of Business at Yarmouk University (YU), Irbid, Jordan

Tamara A. Al Yakoub is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration, Faculty of Business at Yarmouk University/Jordan. Dr Tamara earned her PhD in Public Policy from Keele University/UK in 2018 and MA in Public Administration in 2004 from Yarmouk University. She has practical experience in working for the public sector and international agencies before joining the academic field. She was the section head for Public Administration Department. Her research interest focused on Public Policies in Jordan, HRM, and Women studies. Email:



14 Nov 2023