The KLC Cultures' Synergy Power, Trust, and Tacit Knowledge for Organizational Intelligence




Knowledge culture, Learning culture, Collaborative culture, KLC cultures, Knowledge sharing, Tacit knowledge, Explicit knowledge, Collective intelligence, Trust, Change adaptability, Innovations, Knowledge workers


This paper examines the impact of knowledge, learning, and collaboration cultures synergy (the KLC approach) on organizational adaptability. The SEM analysis method was applied to verify the critical assumption of this paper that the KLC approach supports knowledge-sharing processes (tacit and explicit) and that both matter for organizational intelligence activation.

The empirical evidence, based on a 640-case sample composed of Polish knowledge workers, exposed that knowledge sharing, organizational intelligence, and innovativeness are vital benefits of the KLC cultures’ synergy and showed that trust among workmates is critical to sustaining tacit knowledge sharing in an organization. Tacit knowledge is clearly exposed as an essential ingredient of change adaptability, which is seen as a proxy for organizational intelligence. Moreover, the mistakes acceptance component of learning culture supporting trial-error-learnings is noted as tremendous for knowledge-sharing processes, organizational intelligence (change adaptability), and innovativeness. This study proved that knowledge sharing, organizational intelligence, and innovativeness are vital benefits of the synergy that offers the KLC cultures. Trust strengthens this effect. So, to gain these benefits, knowledge-driven organizations should employ trusted managers who trust others and, in addition to their professional credentials, exhibit strong habits of respecting knowledge, learning, and collaboration.

Author Biography

Wioleta Kucharska, Gdansk University of Technology – Gdansk TECH, Fahrenheit Universities Association, Gdansk, Poland

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Management and Economics of the Gdansk TECH, Gdansk University of Technology, Fahrenheit Universities Union, Poland



9 Jul 2024