Drivers of Dynamic Learning Mechanism and Dynamic Knowledge Articulation in Alliance Organizations


  • Hung-Hsin Chen
  • Po-Yen Lee


dynamic learning mechanism, knowledge articulation, dynamic capabilities, alliance organization


This study demonstrates that resource‑based view (RBV) misidentifies the locus of dynamic knowledge articulation and long‑term dynamic competitive capabilities, and focuses on the distinctive role of drivers of dynamic learning mechanism in the evolution of dynamic knowledge articulation and dynamic competitiveness. Five drivers of dynamic learning mechanism such as the integration power of managers, external linkages, previous experience, repeated practice, and codification of experience play important roles on developing dynamic knowledge articulation, and ambiguity is a negative driver impact on developing dynamic knowledge articulation. Dynamic knowledge articulation is a positive impact on dynamic competitiveness in alliance organizations. The purpose of this paper is to contribute to a more complete understanding on developing dynamic knowledge articulation via the dynamic learning mechanism. The paper defines a clear theoretical model for the tautological animadversion of past research on RBV that can be complemented.



1 Jul 2008