Intellectual Capital in the Caribbean Hospitality Industry: Two Case Studies


  • Donley Carrington
  • Mike Tayles


Caribbean, intellectual capital, hotel chains, case studies


This paper explores the relevance and awareness of IC in two hotel chains in the Caribbean. A qualitative exploratory case study method was used to gain an in‑depth understanding of the constructs relating to IC within indigenous Caribbean hotels. The data collection procedures employed were documentation, archival records and twenty interviews with top managers. Content analysis was used as the major technique for analyzing the data. The major finding is that there is no formal recognition of the construct of IC, but the embedded practices within the organisations suggested the presence of such. The data clustering and analysis of the evidence suggested two themes for HC ‑personal competencies and human resource praxes; three themes for RC ‑ customer capital, brand and community capital; and three themes for SC ‑ information systems, innovation and organization. The case studies further revealed that the chains had embedded human resource practices and well established customer relationship management systems which created linkages among the components of IC.



1 Jul 2012