From Information Gatherers to Knowledge Creators: the Evolution of the Post‑Graduate Student


  • Elaiza Benitez
  • David Pauleen
  • Tony Hooper


personal information management, personal knowledge management, post-graduate study, experience, technology


This exploratory study investigates how post‑graduate students manage information and knowledge and how these skills evolve over time during their post‑graduate studies. The concepts of personal information management, personal knowledge management and brain filtering as well as the critical role of technology are discussed in the context of the post‑graduate learning experience. A short illustrative case study is presented that highlights the evolution in the way that post‑graduate students learn to handle information and develop new knowledge. The study contributes to the still nascent literature on personal knowledge management through increased understanding of the way students learn and their use of technology tools. The findings have implications for universities as well as the private sector to better develop genuine knowledge creators



1 May 2013