An Empirical Study on the Impact of the Process of Measuring IC on Performance


  • Donley Carrington


Keywords: Caribbean, intellectual capital, hospitality industry, measurement of IC


Abstract: This paper explores the relevance and importance of measurement of IC and its impact on performance in the Caribbean hospitality industry. A survey using a 7‑point Likert scale was administered to hotel managers to test the relationship between measurement of IC and performance controlling for hotel size and rating of the hotel. The data analysis techniques used were exploratory factor analysis (EFA), confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and hierarchical multiple regression. The analysis of hierarchical multiple regressions allowed us to support the hypothesis that measurement of IC explained a significant additional proportion of variance in performance above and beyond that of number of hotel rooms and hotel ranking. This finding of a significant and positive relationship between measurement of IC and performance has relevance to both IC academics and practitioners, as it validates the use of measurement of IC to enhance performance. This paper adds to the extant literature on IC within the Caribbean and the hospitality industry both under‑research areas in terms of IC.



1 Nov 2013