Web‑Based Learning in Practice Settings: Nurses' Experiences and Perceptions of Impact on Patient Care


  • Lesley Lockyer
  • Pam Moule
  • Deirdre McGuigan


Online learning, cancer care, nursing education, workplace learning, qualitative research


This paper presents qualitative research completed in two groups of hospitals in the United Kingdom, as part of a larger mixed methods study. It involved eight qualified nurses caring for patients with gastro‑intestinal cancer in general surgical wards. It explored the nurses' experiences of using an online programme and their perceptions of the impact of learning on patient care delivery. The nurses volunteered to complete an online open source package www.cancernursing.org. and meet for focus group discussions and interviews following a lapse of six weeks. Two of the participants experienced difficulties completing the package and following changes to the previously attained ethical approval, a focus group was conducted with these staff. Analysis of the transcripts identified a number of issues for those considering the adoption of such modes of delivery within healthcare. Nurses referred to a lack of information technology skills and competence in computer use, access issues, organizational barriers and lack of protected study time. In spite of difficulties they gave examples of how their learning had impacted on patient care.



1 Dec 2007