Exploring Students' Acceptance of Google Classroom during the Covid-19 Pandemic by Using the Technology Acceptance Model in West Sumatera Universities


  • Ahmad Fauzi
  • Raju Wandira
  • Domi Sepri
  • Afdhil Hafid




E-learning, Technology Acceptance Model, The Covid-19 Pandemic, Google Classroom, Structural Equation Modeling


The learning process in West Sumatera, Indonesia, changed into an online-based system due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which involved educators and students using many platforms of e-learning for teaching and learning. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to evaluate the use of e-learning platforms among students at universities in West Sumatera, Indonesia, during the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly widely used Google Classroom. This research employs the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) by considering relevant external factors related to the pandemic situation and examining their effects on the acceptance of Google Classroom. A questionnaire was distributed from December 11th to December 31st, 2020, to collect data via an online-based survey. Using Cochran's formula with a confidence level of 95%, 383 students were selected as samples, while Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was applied as a method for data analysis. The result showed that the facility had made the learning process easy for students, which influenced its usefulness. The facility is related to the possession of the required tools and knowledge to utilize the technology, alongside the significant effect on ease of use and usefulness. When adequately provided, the ease and benefit of using Google Classroom are maximally felt when distance learning is ongoing. Consequently, the ease of use positively influenced the benefits of the platform as its features were simple and benefited the students during the learning process. The usefulness of Google Classroom also had a positive influence on attitude towards the platform, and this variable finally determined the intention to use, which was significantly influenced by the perceived usefulness of e-learning. Therefore, this study shows that factors that determine facility, such as the internet, devices used by students, or knowledge to use Google Classroom, are important in online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.



11 Aug 2021