Knowledge Sharing Barriers in the Educational Program Management Administrative Processes: A Case of a Bachelor Program in a Russian University


  • Evgeny Blagov
  • Anastasiia Pleshkova
  • Emil Soldatkin
  • Nikita Koritckiy


knowledge sharing, knowledge sharing barriers, educational management, educational institutions’ administrative processes


This article presents the results of the qualitative stage of the research of information technology based, organizational management based and organizational economics based knowledge sharing barriers in administrative subdivisions of higher education institutions. The objects of the qualitative research are the employees of the subdivisions taking part in the administrative processes of managing a particular Bachelor level educational program in one of the leading Russian universities. A research methodology of the qualitative research implies unstructured in‑depth interviews with the employees of the involved subdivisions, from which interviews the constructs depicting the respondents’ perception of knowledge sharing barriers the respondents face in their work activities are evaluated. On the basis of these constructs, practical recommendations of both managerial and technological nature regarding minimizing the effect of the revealed knowledge sharing barriers are developed; possible further research development directions are also suggested.



1 Jul 2017



General Paper