Teaching Innovation to Strengthen Knowledge Creation in a Digital World


  • Carolien van den Berg


Future skills, Digital innovation, New world of work, Authentic learning, Life-long learning, 21st-century skills, Higher education institutions


The aim of this paper is to demonstrate design principles for a teaching and learning environment that will strengthen the ability of students to become competent digital innovators. The impact of digital transformation on business and society is palpable, forcing organisations to become more responsive, agile, creative and innovative. Moreover, competitiveness is determined by the ability to apply new knowledge to facilitate innovation through the use of digital technologies. A two‑year research study was conducted at a university in South Africa to develop a framework for digital innovation skills. The data were analysed in a four‑phase design‑based research study that applied mixed‑methods research. The research has important implications for the design of a learning environment that facilitates knowledge creation in a digital world.



1 Dec 2019



General Paper