A Process View of Knowledge Management: It Aint What you do, its the way That you do it


  • John Edwards


KM theory, process, KM practise, KM research


Knowledge management needs to consider the three related elements of people, processes and technology. Much existing work has concentrated on either people or technology, often to the exclusion of the other two elements. Yet without thinking about process the way people, organisations and even technology actually do things any implementation of a knowledge management initiative is at best risky, and at worst doomed to failure. This paper looks at various ways in which a process view has appeared, explicitly or implicitly, in knowledge management research and practice so far, and reflects on how more thinking about process might improve knowledge management in the future. Consistent with this overall viewpoint, the issues generally centre less on what a process view would suggest should be done, but rather on the way that it would be implemented in practice.



1 Dec 2011



General Paper