Knowledge Management Discipline: Test for an Undergraduate Program in Turkey


  • Mustafa Sagsan


Knowledge Management, paradigm, discipline, academic education, undergraduate degree program in Turkey


This study aims to explain the theoretical aspect of KM in order to construct a new undergraduate program. Knowledge management as a discipline plays a crucial role at the undergraduate level in universities. Firstly, it is needed to create a common terminology from which the scholars can establish programs. Secondly, a set of sciences are needed. These two stages will allow us to redefine the knowledge management discipline from an interdisciplinary perspective that is based on four fundamental paradigms: (1) technological, (2) socio technical, (3) inter intra organizational and (4) humanist paradigm. This will allow us to have an opportunity to improve the common terms, which we can establish the knowledge management undergraduate programs from. In addition, the practical perspective of this study will be tested in Turkish universities, which have knowledge management undergraduate programs, which will enable us to suggest a new sample for how knowledge management undergraduate degree programs should successfully be constructed in Turkey.



1 Dec 2009